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Monday, June 24, 2013

What To Do And What To See In Lombok

Getting around Lombok is easy by car or motor bike and you can hire these in all the main tourism areas, with an international drivers license. for your convenience advance booking are recommended especially when high season ( June, July, August and mid of December to mid of January ). The roads are generally in good condition and traffic is light. alternatively, hire a car and driver for exploring or take part in the tours and day trips offered, or allow us to arrange your wish and need during your Holiday time.

Lombok is one of the popular tourist destination in Indonesia and attracts travellers from all across the globe. The island of Lombok is located East of Bali island and can be easly acces by air or sea. Lombok, an integral part of the Indonesia Lesser Sunda Islands is situated in the province of West Nusa Tenggara an a series of small islands in the Indonesian archipelago. It stretches for some 5000 km between Malaysia and Australia. Lombok spans 90km from north to south and 80km from east to west. It boasts untouched, pristine beaches, a bigger volcano, Mount Rinjani, and a huge variety of different landscapes and sceneries.

Are you content with just spending your holiday in your hotel and along the main tourists venues? Why not try something new and learn a little more about Lombok and Indonesia. Can you really say "been there, done that"? Just hang out and relax on your vacation or keep busy with one of the many activities on Lombok: Sightseeing, Golfing, Fishing, Bicycling, Trekking, Snorkeling, Diving or Surfing.

Kuta lombok beach
The whole island is surrounded by fantastic beaches, most of which are covered in clean white sand and fringed by coconut palms. Drive just north of Senggigi to Malimbu or Nipah and enjoy deserted beaches with fine snorkelling and swimming. The southwest coast also has fine beaches, especially around Sekotong and Taun. Visit the small island of Gili Nanggu for rustic accommodation and great snorkelling just off shore or stay at Gili Gede to explorer the other twelve undeveloped islands in the south west. The beaches around Kuta are breathtakingly beautiful. Visit Mawun, Selong Belanak for fantastic scenery, Kuta for long stretches of white sand and turquoise waters, or swim in the peaceful lagoon Mawi.

Gili Island

With so many beaches and small islands. Lombok offers a myrad of Diving and snorkelling opportunities. The best known locations are around the Gili islands such as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air. Snorkelling is easy from the shore and all three islands are well served by professional dive operators who offer full PADI certification course, day and night dives to the many sites around the Gilis, as well as specialised courses and Liveaboard adventurous, there is superb diving around the islands off the south west coast and the small inhabited islands off the east coast.

lombok surfing
Lombok is becoming a world renown surfing destination amongst surf enthusiasts world wide. huge waves challenging surf lure die hards to Bangko Bangko ( Desert Point ) on the south western tips of Lombok. Kuta on the south coast, surf central and has range of accommodations and services catering specially to surfers. Adventure Lombok offers complete surfing packages, such hire a surf boards long board and short board any types, Ding Repairs, Take Surf Lesson from professionals. Wave at Gerupuk, Kuta Lombok and south coast offers a great wave for beginner, advance and professional surfer.


Mt Rinjani
Much of the island is still covered by natural rain forest and jungles, making Lombok ideal for ecotourism and adventure tours. There are a number of spectacular waterfalls on the island which provide lovely trekking opportunities, whether travelling independently or as part of a tour. Sindang Gile on the slope of Mt. Rinjani in the north is an easily accessible waterfall in a stunning jungle setting and popular with visitors. Air Jeruk Manis, near Tete Batu is reached by walking through pretty rice fields and forests. The awesome Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu waterfalls, in central Lombok, are located with in a short trek of each other and make a perfect day trip for those who appreciate truly magical natural surroundings.


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